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Limestone County, No Al*Tn Line



Posha the Great Pyrenees and fullblood Boers

Hello my name is Posha. As you can see I do lay around but I am always alert and know what  needs to be done. I have a dead kid guarding it until my owner comes back. When she came out one morning she found one of my does had kidded and the one I am guarding was dead but the other twin was still breathing so she grabbed up the other kid with the dam and dragged her to the barn with the barely breathing kid under her arm. She didn't know what to expect from me since she had heard that LGD's ate the dead kids but she didn't have time to dwell on that. She laid the kid on this stand and when she got back I was on the stand 'protecting' the kid.

My owner should have known everything would be alright because one morning when she came outside I kept barking for her. She looked around and couldn't find me but I was persistant and she finally looked to the tree line down at the woods. At first she couldn't tell what was going on but since I was so persistant she walked toward me and discoverd one of my does had kidded twins and I had stayed with them until I was sure everything would be alright.

BTW that picture of me and the doeling at the top of the page (left hand side) was an actual picture not an edited one, I try to save all the work I can.


Renegade & Sunny

Sunny was in heat and Renegade had chased her all morning. I can only guess Sunny made herself readily available because she was tired of running around.

Bucks doing what bucks do!

My does try to be accomodating. This doeling was trying a new trick and got stuck.

Quality not Quantity





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