Registered Fullblood Boers
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Fullblood Boer Buck


Beth 7-11-09 if these photos do not meet your needs please let me know- especially their twist. My goats just do not like their peace disturbed.     I cannot estimate weights so I use the Dairy Goat Tape to get me a ballpark figure. Renegade/Eloise Pride was 90 lbs + @ 4 1/2 mos.      Star's Buck was over 200 lbs (?) my tape only goes to 195# and he was on the move.  If you need anything esle please let me know.


Eloise and son ELOISEandRENEGADE PRIDE BD 2/20/09 About 90#

Star's Buck and dam Star

He weighed about 200# +. My tape would only go to 195# and he was moving. Star is a large doe (I know bad angle she really isn't deformed)




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